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Welcome back to school! Healthcare is getting a high-tech makeover, and the time is right for those interested in doing the same for their career, a University of South Florida professor says. A transformation in healthcare is underway.

Health informatics job postings have increased 10 times faster than healthcare jobs overall since 2007, boasting the ninth largest share of healthcare occupational postings, according to Healthcare IT News.

“There are many career opportunities offered through the health informatics field,” USF health informatics professor Dr. Athanasios Tsalatsanis says. “Depending on the student’s background, with health informatics training one should be able to secure a position such as Chief Information Officer, Chief Medical Information Officer, Clinical Data Analyst, IT Consultant, Health Information Manager, Data Research Specialist, Director of Clinical Systems, Nursing Informatician, etc.”

As the demand for health informatics specialists grows, Dr. Tsalatsanis says now is an especially good time for new students to enter the field and returning students to consider a master’s degree program, such as the 100% online program offered by USF’s Morsani College of Medicine.

“Health informatics has been around for many decades,” he said. “However, it is only now that we have the technology and the incentives to successfully implement it. Job postings are increasing and students interested in the field should take advantage of this opportunity.”

Dr. Tsalatsanis said a health informatics master’s degree is ideal for anyone who is currently involved in the healthcare industry, from administrators and policymakers to physicians, nurses, health insurance workers and pharmacists. And though medical training of some sort – or computer science training with a focus on projects in the medical field– is helpful, Dr. Tsalatsanis said the field is also an excellent choice for “anyone who desires to understand the application of technology in healthcare.”

Pursuing a Health Informatics Master’s Degree

Though the course requirements for health informatics master’s degree programs may vary, students can anticipate many common program courses. Some of the topics covered may include health data management, e-healthcare ethics, management information systems, law courses related to health information management, project management and communications. The courses are designed to give students insights into the technology being used in the field today and what is required to successfully establish a patient data information system and manage its day-to-day operation.

Find Out More

Students interested in learning more about health informatics or entering a master’s degree program are urged to do their own independent research. Starting salaries and job availability may vary. Master’s level classes in USF’s 100% online health informatics program start every eight weeks, so there’s never a long wait ahead to start transforming your career while shaping the future of healthcare.

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Academic Calendar

SUMMER 1 – 2021

Application Deadline April 16, 2021
Start Date May 3, 2021
End Date June 27, 2021

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Application Deadline June 11, 2021
Start Date June 28, 2021
End Date August 22, 2021

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Application Deadline August 6, 2021
Start Date August 23, 2021
End Date October 17, 2021

FALL 2 – 2021

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End Date March 6, 2022

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