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Health informatics

Health informatics is a new in-demand field where medical knowledge and communications skills intersect with information technology. Experts in this field create and manage electronic health and medical records, facilitating better collaboration among a patient’s healthcare providers. Instead of various providers holding different pieces of a patient’s health puzzle, electronic records allow all providers access to the big picture. This helps manage healthcare costs by eliminating duplicate testing and services, while allowing providers better insight before making medical decisions – ultimately leading to better patient outcomes. Now you can get in-demand health informatics skills 100% online, with a Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics from USF Health. In as little as six months, you can add post-baccalaureate credentials to your resume that will launch or advance your healthcare career.

Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics

Be among the first generation of professionals trained in the in-demand field of health informatics. Learn the science of creating and managing electronic health and medical records that allow for better collaboration among a patient's healthcare providers. Electronic records help healthcare providers manage costs and make medical decisions that lead to better patient outcomes.