Admissions Overview

Ready to Apply?

The University of South Florida offers classes that begin every eight weeks, so apply when you are ready. View start dates here.

Steps to Apply

  1. Complete online application. A $65 non-refundable fee is required. Admission requirements are listed on each program page and the application.

  2. Transcripts and other documentation. Complete a Transcript Request Release within the application and we’ll retrieve U.S. transcripts for you. Or, request official transcripts to be sent directly from the issuing institutions to:

    Attn: University of South Florida

    MSC P51

    9417 Princess Palm Avenue

    Tampa, FL 33619-8313

    Additional documents may be required on a program or personal basis.

  3. Once your application fee is paid and all required components are complete, most students receive an admissions decision within two weeks.

Statement of Purpose

Definition: A statement of purpose is a prospective graduate student’s brief statement describing relevant past education, work experience and any extenuating circumstances the admission committee should know. It also should inform the committee how the applicant intends to apply the degree to his or her career. Relevant information is defined as anything that will demonstrate that the applicant is able to be successful in the program.

  1. Format: The statement of purpose should be written in three or four main parts, or sections. These sections can be presented in the order the applicant believes will make the most compelling case, but in general should include:

    • An introductory statement explaining the applicant’s motivation for joining the program.
    • A section detailing how relevant educational, professional and life experience has prepared the applicant for the program.
    • A section detailing how the program will help the applicant become a greater asset to an organization and/or the general population, and what the applicant expects to do with the degree.
    • If applicable, a section explaining extenuating circumstances (i.e., a life event or other conflict that hindered the applicant's ability to excel academically).
  2. Recommended Length: The written length of the statement of purpose should be as short or as long as the applicant needs to adequately make the case. However, a good range is 250-1,000 words.