The University of South Florida salutes the service of active military servicemembers and military veterans. 

Tuition Assistance

Military students have access to military tuition assistance to offset a portion of their tuition and fees. Active servicemembers should verify with their ESO that tuition assistance policies have not recently changed.

Based on the majority of current tuition assistance policies, the military’s tuition assistance program pays up to $250 per semester credit hour and a personal maximum of $4,500 per fiscal year, per student. Selected military Reserve and National Guard units also offer a tuition assistance program, although the benefits may vary from the full-time duty program.

For questions, please chat or call to speak with an enrollment services representative at 855-295-1866.

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Academic Calendar

SPRING II – 2024

Application Deadline February 16, 2024
Start Date March 4, 2024
End Date April 28, 2024

SUMMER I – 2024

Application Deadline  April 12, 2024
Start Date  April 29, 2024
End Date  June 23, 2024

SUMMER II – 2024

Application Deadline June 7, 2024
Start Date June 24, 2024
End Date August 18, 2024

FALL I – 2024

Application Deadline  August 2, 2024
Start Date  August 19, 2024
End Date  October 13, 2024

FALL II – 2024

Application Deadline September 27, 2024
Start Date October 14, 2024
End Date December 8, 2024

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