How does online learning work?

USF’s online programs cover the same rigorous curriculum as the ground-based programs and prepare you for a career just like a traditional class. The only difference is how you learn. Online classes offer students flexibility not available in traditional classrooms, from when classes begin to when you attend lectures. Some things to expect:


Online Classroom

Each course is taught through the University of South Florida’s online learning platform, Canvas. Content includes videos, chat rooms and discussion boards.

Flexible Schedule

Access course content anytime, anywhere and consult and collaborate with classmates and professors in real-time via email and chat room.

Weekly Assignments

Professors may assign an easy-to-follow schedule for when certain assignments are due, typically on a weekly basis.



Students interact with one another through live chat and discussion boards. Some professors may assign projects that require you to work with other students.


Students and professors communicate with each other through chat, discussion boards and email. They also provide feedback through the learning platform.


Time Requirements

Courses begin every eight weeks. The time spent on each class depends on the coursework. Professors will inform students of the time requirements for each class. Make sure you log into each class within the first three full days of class to keep from being dropped from the course.

Technology Requirements

While some courses are available via mobile, it is recommended that students use a laptop or desktop computer with reliable, daily internet connection. View full system requirements here.

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