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Program Policies

A student may drop courses before the start of class or during the first week of a session without incurring academic penalty and the class will not appear on the student's official transcript. 100% refund will apply during this time period.

A student may withdraw from a course any time from the second week of class until the official withdrawal deadline date, which is through the end of week 4. There is no academic penalty for a withdrawal during this period, but the student will receive a grade of W on his or her official transcript. Withdrawals after the last day of week 4 will result in an F.  Students receiving Federal financial aid should refer to information on Satisfactory Academic Progress in the Financial Aid section of this manual. 

Effective Fall 2016, all graduate students will be limited to a total of two course withdrawals while enrolled as a degree-seeking or a non-degree seeking student taking graduate courses at USF. Only in extenuating circumstances will approval be granted for more than two course withdrawals. Appeals for additional course withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances must be submitted via the Exception to Refund process.

Students are advised to check with the Graduate Financial Aid Office (813-974-4700), since withdrawing from classes may change their financial aid status/liability.

Week Withdrawal Permitted Tuition Refunded Deadline
1 Yes - course dropped 100% By Sunday at 11:59 PM ET
2 Yes - grade of W 0% By Sunday at 11:59 PM ET
3 Yes - grade of W 0% By Sunday at 11:59 PM ET
4 Yes - grade of W 0% By Sunday at 11:59 PM ET
5 - 8 No - grade of F 0% N/A

Withdrawal When Called to Active Duty in the Armed Services

University of South Florida students who are called to active duty in the armed services will be granted a 100% tuition adjustment for the session in which they were deployed, regardless of the date they were activated. To receive this tuition adjustment, the student must present the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs with a copy of the deployment orders. If a student is called to duty after the last day to drop without a "W", the student will receive "W"s on the transcript.

To view tuition costs and applicable discounts, please visit our Tuition page.