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Graduate Certificate Health Informatics Course Descriptions

HIM 6118 Introduction to Health Informatics

Introduction to Health Informatics is designed to provide a discussion of the various facets of health informatics of interest to the healthcare professional.
3 Credits


HIM 6667 Foundation in Management Information Systems

This course is designed to provide a discussion of the various facets of MIS, including acquiring, storing and interpreting information of interest to the informaticist and healthcare professional. 
3 Credits


HIM 6930 Health Data Management

This course introduces data management and database technologies, including relational database systems and the structured query language (SQL).  In addition, data warehousing and more analytic databases also are introduced, along with online analytic processing (OLAP) tools to support decision making.  Data quality issues, emerging cloud databases and other special topics will round out the coverage. Finally, the course offers a brief introduction to data mining techniques. 
3 credits

HIM 6114 Integrated Electronic Medical Records

Integrated electronic medical records is designed to provide an overview of the functions, limitations, opportunities and challenges presented by this very rapidly developing branch of information technology in the healthcare environment.
3 Credits