5 Job Boards for Health IT Professionals to Watch

Health IT professionals should seek out job boards targeted specifically at healthcare professionals or those that use your data to drive results

As you begin a job search in health IT, finding a good starting point can be difficult. Traditional job boards such as Monster or Indeed may be beneficial, but the sheer volume of posts on these sites can deliver mixed results that will cloud your search.

Instead, you may want to focus your efforts on job boards that offer more tailored results, such as those aimed specifically at healthcare professionals or those that use your data to drive results. Here are five that may prove to be more beneficial for health informatics and analytics professionals.


Professional societies such as the Health Information Management Systems Society typically offer a treasure trove of content, networking and learning opportunities, but they’re also a great place to start your job search.

HIMSS’ JobMine feature is available to HIMSS members and is broken down into categories by job function. It includes job postings focused on health IT and health information management. It is searchable by location and allows you to upload a resume to make the application process easier.

Healthcare IT Central

Dedicated solely to healthcare IT jobs, this site is a career center focused on connecting health IT professionals with employers who are searching for qualified candidates. It’s powered by Jobbex, a web-based job board and recruiting software solution designed specifically for targeted, specialized searches.


Few platforms can compare to the career-oriented social media giant LinkedIn. Its algorithm matches potential employers to the details of your profile to offer up jobs specific to your industry and geographic area. You can adjust your preferences to account for experience and open yourself to being contacted by recruiters when you’re simply interested in hearing about other opportunities, but are not sure if you are ready to move on to the next thing yet.

According to LinkedIn’s research, 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform that decision. The social platform’s importance as a networking site shouldn’t be underestimated either, with the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating that 70% of all jobs are found through networking of one type or another. LinkedIn is a great way to stay connected to former colleagues, classmates and friends who may just be the source of your next opportunity.

Health Career Center

The American Hospital Association’s job board, known as Health Career Center, is a good place to look for a variety of healthcare-related job openings. It offers a list of featured employers around the country and a monthly newsletter called Health CareerWire, containing career tips, news and resources for professionals seeking a job.


Public Health Jobs

Public health is an area where informatics and analytics are having a huge impact on how different conditions affect specific populations and the treatment that goes along with that. As a result, public health offers a variety of career opportunities for those with a degree in informatics or analytics, from project management to strategists and analysts.

Not sure about possible careers for you in health IT? Learn more about potentials jobs in health IT by checking out our look at Healthcare IT Jobs and Salary!

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