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Information Systems Clinical Project Manager: Job Description and Salary Information

By Bisk
Information Systems Clinical Project Manager: Job Description and Salary Information

An information systems (IS) clinical project manager integrates a strong knowledge of modern technology, specifically information systems, into a health and medical background in order to manage clinical projects. The design, development and evaluation of IS projects in a clinical environment is a sophisticated undertaking, necessitating proficiency in many distinct subject areas. IS clinical project managers are valued professionals in a high-growth field.

Information Systems Clinical Project Manager Job Duties

By definition, no project is alike. Nor do any two IS clinical project managers share precisely the same job description. However, some continuity exists among their duties, largely due to the technology and applications that IS clinical project managers oversee. Most projects involve medical research, necessitating leadership with an equal measure of project management and technological expertise. A typical IS clinical project manager’s career summary might include:

  • Communicate effectively with clients and end-users in order to evaluate needs and establish project outcomes and scope
  • Assess, select and implement software systems appropriate to each project
  • Design and develop project plans and timelines
  • Coordinate resources and supervise project team members
  • Collect and interpret health and medical data according to project design
  • Document project, quality assurance and/or research protocol, procedures and outcomes
  • Create and disseminate budgetary, financial, status and/or change order reports
  • Liaise with IT and clinic managers and staff members
  • Engage with stakeholders and ensure end-user satisfaction

IS clinical project managers share a customized skill set. They leverage a combination of hard and soft skills, often simultaneously, while achieving their duties. For instance, interpreting complex medical data before an administrative panel requires interpersonal intelligence and analytical ability, not to mention technological savvy. Motivating IT/IS project team members demands leadership infused with technical knowledge.

Information Systems Clinical Project Manager Salary

Given the relative youth of the field, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has yet to publish employment and salary data for IS clinical project managers, but suggests that annual compensation for the related position of Information Systems Manager averages approximately $76,000 across the United States. The site further estimates that information system managers earn 21% more than the national average across all posted positions. reports an attractive nationwide salary range of about $61,000 - $131,000, with a median annual wage of roughly $90,000.

Salary and employment data may vary according to location and employer, and the figures above may not reflect conditions in any specific region. Local resources will provide more accurate information about prospects for IS information systems clinical project managers in your specific area.

Information Systems Clinical Project Manager Education and Training

Most IS clinical project managers hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and/or RN license. Bachelor’s degrees in project management, information technology, information systems and business administration are not uncommon. The clinical environment, however, renders medical training and education especially attractive to many employers.

As in most fields, advanced education and training tend to correlate with more competitive job prospects for IS clinical project managers, whether they possess a graduate-level certificate or master’s degree in health informatics, project management or information systems. Health informatics training at any level equips candidates with the essential competencies and knowledge they need to become IS clinical project managers. This would include how to access, analyze and store medical data, implement and manage information systems and databases, and use cutting-edge informatics tools and technology to make medical decisions.

Management and healthcare administration experience or training may also be preferred or required.

Are You an IS Clinical Project Manager in the Making?

If you have a passion for technology, experience or desire to work in a clinical environment and strong leadership ability, a career as an information systems clinical project manager may be right for you. The work is by no means easy, but the rewards, both personal and professional, are many. They include upward mobility in a flourishing career field and an attractive average annual salary. Perhaps the most important, though, is knowing that as a critical member of the informatics industry, your unique professional capacities are helping to revolutionize healthcare delivery for consumers and the public across the United States.

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