The Advantages of Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Health Informatics Online

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs related to a wide-array of careers within the field of health information will continue to grow much faster than average throughout the decade. Along with the increasing medical needs of an aging population comes a simultaneous federal mandate requiring health facilities to convert to electronic medical record-keeping in 2014. This combination of events results in a burgeoning opportunity for professionals and career changers interested in health informatics jobs.

For those professionals already in a medical field, such as nursing, leadership positions may provide an attractive opportunity to help guide this rapidly evolving field. For professionals ready for the leadership challenge, an online master’s degree in health informatics can help to elucidate more lucrative career paths.

1. Online Education Prepares Students for Work with Technology

The field of health informatics uses technology to streamline the flow of medical records and reports used by doctors, insurance companies and other health service facilities, such as pharmacies. The convenience and flexibility of completing a master’s degree online allows professionals to keep their job while preparing for additional career advancement. In the meantime, the technological platform of the courses prepares professionals for the type of communication, record-keeping and collegial interactions needed for success in a wide variety of settings.

2. Online Education Provides Strong Networking Opportunities

Taught by industry leaders, USF Health’s online health informatics courses provide best-practice skills within an interactive learning environment. Course materials are updated often, much faster than a textbook turnaround time. In addition, online instructors are readily available to respond to students’ questions. An online community of learners can provide career networking opportunities that can extend beyond the completion of the course. While traditional students have to plan work around class times, professors’ office hours, and library schedules, online students can work at the times most optimal for their own learning styles and employment schedules. Online course materials are available anywhere the student has access to the Internet.

3. Real-world Applications and Extensions

Using learning modules, case-study scenarios, video tutorials and a wide array of other teaching tools, online instructors teach students industry needs through a best practice curriculum. Students in an online master’s program use technology to solve problems similar to what they will encounter in “real world” professional settings. Students also benefit from each other’s experiences through discussion boards and other interactive experiences. Whether a student is planning to specialize in software development, quality assurance, training or general database management, the educational experience is enriched with the knowledge each person brings to the online experience.

4. Other Considerations

In addition to the versatility of online learning, professionals completing education on the Internet can leverage a competitive advantage over traditional learners. Using a wide array of technology, participating in simulations, analyzing case studies, and interacting in a web-based environment are all strong and valuable skills to demonstrate for professional longevity in the field of health informatics. Leadership development in the field provides enriching opportunities for professionals seeking to play a key role in shaping the development of the health informatics in the coming decades.

For career changers with a health-related background, students looking for a field with excellent growth potential or current health informatics specialists seeking leadership roles, an online master’s degree from a reputable, accredited program can accent strengths, polish a skill-set and add increased authority to a résumé. For more information about pursuing an online master’s degree in health informatics, request more information or contact us now.

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