Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Health Informatics?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term health informatics and you have a vague understanding of what the field is all about. Perhaps you’re a healthcare or IT professional who has been exposed to health informatics on some level, but would like to learn more. Maybe, you’re already in the field and consider yourself an expert. Whatever level of expertise you possess, you can test your knowledge of this revolutionary movement in healthcare by taking the following quiz!

When it comes to health informatics, few fields are growing and changing as quickly. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has projected a 15% growth in health informatics employment through 2024, a rate greater than the national average for all industries.

For IT professionals looking to get into a healthcare related field, seeking a degree in health informatics can help provide the necessary knowledge to get their foot in the door, be it a full-fledged degree, or a Graduate Certificate like the one offered by USF Health Online.

Herlende Saint-Phard, a USF graduate who holds a Master’s degree in Health Informatics that has helped her in her work as a Healthcare Business Analyst for a health insurer, encourages new students to consider the value of the graduate certificate and what it can do for them as they prepare to take the next step in their careers.

“The graduate certificate gives you an entry path into health informatics and you can use it to start looking for a career right away,” Saint-Phard said. “Especially if you plan on completing the Master’s in Health Informatics program, it’s good to have some type of credentials while you are completing the program. I believe this would have motivated me to start my job search a little early instead of waiting till the end of the program.”

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