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Clinical Data Management

By Bisk
Clinical Data Management (CDM) Definition

Clinical data management (CDM) is a phase of clinical research, ideally resulting in solid, reliable data backed by statistics from clinical trials. The objective of CDM processes is to provide high-quality data by eliminating mistakes and accumulating the most data possible for analysis.

CDM team members have a hand in all stages of clinical trial from inception to completion. CDM’s procedures cover clinical research topics such as case report form designing, database design, date entry and medical coding.

There is high demand to improve CDM standards so they more adequately address regulatory requirements leading to faster commercialization of products.

To accomplish this, best practices are adopted to make sure complete, reliable and processed data is readily available. Software applications maintaining an audit trail and providing easy resolution of data discrepancies make this possible.

The findings provided by CDM research are critical in the medical field because they drastically reduce the time from drug development to the marketing process. CDM professionals should have a propensity for adaptation as they frequently have to adjust to rapidly changing technology.

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