The Health IT Beat Episode 7: The Foundation and Core Competencies of Health Informatics

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“Health informatics is more than just the application of technology to clinical, medical, and public health fields. It is data plus meaning…how you organize and interpret data is what gives the data meaning.” – Dr. Christina Eldredge, MD, MSMI.

In this episode, Dr. Eldredge discusses the foundation of health informatics and the core competencies of health informatics at the master’s level. The USF Health Introduction to Health Informatics course instructor will also break down the 10 foundational domains of applied health informatics for master’s level education, as well as health informatics application areas.

You’ll also hear from Dr. Athanasios Tsalatsanis, Associate Professor, Department of Internal Medicine at the Morsani College of Medicine and Director of Informatics and Analytics programs, who will discuss USF Health’s 100% online health informatics and healthcare analytics programs.

Tsalatsanis will also discuss the benefits of online learning and what prospective students can expect in one of USF Health’s online health informatics and healthcare analytics graduate degree and graduate certificate programs.

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