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For individuals interested in career advancement or transition, an accelerated master’s degree program may be a viable solution for an otherwise hectic schedule. USF’s accelerated master’s degree programs can offer the flexibility needed to balance work and family life while focusing on singular subject material one class at a time.

Career opportunities in the field of health informatics remain plentiful as all healthcare facilities in the United States that accept Medicare or Medicaid payments have now converted to electronic medical record keeping. The overall goal of electronic medical record keeping is to reduce redundancy and waste throughout the immense U.S. healthcare system, while providing improved quality of care for patients and their support systems.

The Growth in the Field of Health Informatics

As a result of this monumental shift in medical record keeping, the field of health informatics is experiencing a historical growth rate. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates the field of Medical Records and Health Information Technicians is expected to grow by 21% through 2020. In addition, close to 40,000 new health informatics professionals are needed to cover openings throughout the decade. Combine the Federal mandate with the boom in personalized medicine and advanced technologies to track patient records and the result can be solid job growth and security for professionals who gain the right training and experience.

In order to be ready for the shift in healthcare, record keeping professionals interested in career growth should have the skills needed for longevity in the field. The Master’s Degree in Health Informatics and the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics, both offered through USF Health’s Morsani College of Medicine, are the Nation’s only 100% online programs offered through a medical college. This offers savvy professionals many advantages and opportunities for sustained career growth.

Multiple Options to Advance in Your Health Care Informatics Career

As the field of health informatics has grown over the years, many professionals in the field have grown into their positions through experience. Others hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and want to use their experience to move into leadership roles within health informatics.  Seasoned professionals in the field know how important it is to keep educational credentials current.

One option for these professionals is the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics, which can be completed in most cases within several months. An attractive feature of this program is that the credits earned in the certificate program can be applied to the Master’s degree in Health Informatics. Upon proper admission to the Master’s program, the transition is designed to be seamless, saving busy professionals time and money.

With the flexibility in USF’s accelerated health informatics programs, professionals possessing a Bachelor’s degree and the desire to move ahead in the field can apply for the accelerated health informatics degree. While competition for top jobs in any field is tough, students need to do all they can to leverage the competitive edge.

Nationally ranked for its cutting-edge curriculum, the prestigious Morsani College of Medicine offers students name recognition and best-practice pedagogy in the field of health informatics. Whether a professional is seeking to switch careers to take advantage of current opportunities or is aspiring to move into a leadership position, the health informatics graduate certificate or degree program may be the perfect fit on the path toward achieving new career goals.

The USF’s Morsani School of Medicine Difference

For working professionals with a bachelor’s degree in hand, the health informatics program at the Morsani School of Medicine offers many advantages.

1. Prestige of a Medical College

Learn how to create, evaluate and manage medical information within a medical college environment that is nationally recognized for its collaborative initiatives and innovative curriculum. The health informatics programs at USF’s Morsani College of Medicine are the only 100% online health informatics programs offered by a medical college. Not only does this prestige attract the best instructors, it also attracts strong students.

2. Fits into existing schedule

A steady work-life balance is hard to achieve. Being able to take all classes 100% online means that students can complete work as it fits into a their schedules. While there are due dates for assignments, students find that attending classes online means greater flexibility in being able to work any time of the day or night.

3. No commute time

One of the biggest complaints from students who attend night classes is the unpredictability of rush hour traffic and the time it takes to get to class, much less on time. In addition to the commute time, they are missing valuable evening time with their families. Attending college courses online means more time at home with family and less time at the gas station or stuck in traffic.

4. Taught by industry leaders

To stay on top of a competitive market, colleges know that online programs must be taught by industry leaders in order to deliver the content that students need to excel in their field. Top instructors mean greater access to information that is relevant, current and most of all, in-demand.

5. Cost Savings

Online education is usually a great deal. Money saved from things like commuting, parking and student athletic fees are dollars that can stay in the student’s budget. In addition, attending college online means that a professional does not have to stop working to advance a career. Remaining employed in a current job while preparing for the future empowers students to achieve their goals without heavily impacting the quality of life of their families.

6. Networking

While most students are aware of the power in networking and many student chapters of professional organizations provide a wide-array of incredible career opportunities for students, online courses also providing networking potential. In addition to gaining access to top leaders in the field, students in accelerated degree programs are enrolled with other career-minded professionals in a strong community of learners focused on similar goals. This fast-paced learning environment can lead to career connections that can continue for years after the program is complete.

Online learning offers working professionals many options for career advancement. For professionals looking to advance in the field of health informatics, the graduate certificate and degree programs at USF’s Morsani College of Medicine offers many career advantages.

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